Saturday, February 25, 2006

Thirty-three Tritinas (32- 33)

Allah, I praise Thee to the best of my ability.

32. Ar-Rahman, the Most Merciful; Al-Muhyi, the Reviver; Al-Khaliq, the Creator

This winter past was merciless.
But now spring comes, and the earth revives
and life flows strong in God's creation.

Death and sleep are part of creation.
In the cold dark months, stillness is a mercy
after rest, a strong revival.

After doubt, faith is revived
by the living glory of creation.
We doubters pray for mercy

and find mercy amid the revival of creation.

33. Al-Mutakabbir. the Greatest; Al-Wadud, the Loving One; Ash-Shakur, the Thankful One

Of all the gifts we have, the greatest
are a heart, beloved and loving
and a soul, knowing and thankful.

Remember, though it may seem thankless:
of all our tasks, the greatest
is to give the world love.

Love; we all are loved
remember and be thankful!
So is the soul made great.

And for this great love, we give thanks.

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