Friday, April 14, 2006

Sol Magazine's Spring Competitions

I'm thinking this requires a bit more explanation.

Sol Magazine's spring competitions are here, you have to click on "Spring Competition Edition" to see them. (They're open to anyone, by the way; if any of you want to give a whirl, please do.) This quarter, they're big into Chinese nature poetry models.

The form requirements are very restrictive, and it's excellent practice. But I can only stand so much misty-hazy sentimental stuff, so I'm trying to subvert the tone/content expectations, while following the structure. Just being difficult...

Poem Concerning A Lawnmower And A Small Bird

I'm mowing the yard. Hot sun and sticky sweat.
An empty nest in the hedge. Wings flutter below.
The lawnmower howls. The bird's cries go unheard.
Red splatters the green. I smell cut grass.

Oyster Moon

The moon falls into the sea,
white oyster
pearl within oyster
sand grain within pearl.
I dive for it.

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