Friday, May 05, 2006

Blog Carnival

I'm hosting the Progressive Faith Blog Carnival, May 14th. Please see the FAQ:

"what is a blog carnival?"

It's a digest of sorts: the host collects links to interesting posts, news articles, etc, and posts them, with or without a short description, on the arranged date.

"what's the Progressive Faith Blog Carnival?"

You can find its mission statement here.

"what kind of people are involved in the ProgFaithBlogCarni?"

You can find a blogroll here that includes many of the previous contributors and hosts.

"who should submit to the ProgFaithBlogCarni?"

You should.

"why me?"

Because you are faithful, or because you aren't. Because you consider yourself progressive, or because you don't. Because at times you have suffered the wearing of a label, and at other times you have embraced it. Because you have searched, or found, or lost. Because you're stuck in a rut and want to meet new bloggers. Because you want new people to see your blog. As a favor to me, or because you think I'm full of it and want to say so publicly.

Best of all, you should submit because you've scanned the blogs in the blogroll and you disagree with one or more viewpoints expressed there. Give us your opinion! This is not a carnival of conformity. Insh'Allah, let this be a carnival of free debate, a carnival of raucous argument, a carnival of difference. Let this be a carnival of respect, not of fear; of exploration, not of constraint; of tolerance that comes without the unstated words "Just as long as you agree with me." Come one, come all, be disagreeable!

"i don't have anything interesting to say"

You'd be amazed what people find interesting.

"how do i submit?"

You can:
--leave a comment on this post
--email ProgFaithCarnival @
--email me (you can find my email in my profile)
Include the permalink to your post, the URL for your blog, and (optional) a brief description. If you email, make sure to put "Carnival Post" in the subject line.
Get your links to me by any time on May 13; insh'Allah, I will have the carnival up on the 14th.

Progressive Faith Blog-Con 2006 Carnival

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