Monday, June 19, 2006

Another Fairy Tale

The news story...

...and the poem.

When Goldilocks came home, she found a bear
contented, eating oatmeal from a can.
Considerate, it broke no kitchen chairs.
Some spillage-- well, that's paws instead of hands.

She made her unexpected guest a bed
of rugs and cushions on the floor-- just right.
At least, he uttered no complaint, but said:
"Why thank you, I'll be glad to spend the night."

She stroked his fur. It shone, so sleek and dense,
and smelled of briars, smelled of wild rose
midsummer madness claimed her better sense.
You find thorns where the wildflower grows.

There'll be a cub, or child, without fail
whose life will be another fairy tale.

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