Friday, February 02, 2007

Magical, Mystical, or Mad

is the theme at this week's Ringing of the Bards, hosted by Jo.

This seemed like a perfect fit.

You've been walking, town to town
Madman, sinner, saint or clown
Drunk on wine, or desert air?
Full of joy or sick despair?
Guest with me; come in, sit down.

Did you find your soul at the Lost and Found?
Did you dig your roots out of sacred ground?
Was there holiness in the places where
you've been walking?

You're coming back the long way 'round,
You've seen the light and you've heard the sound.
It left its mark in your silent stare
a window open on a soul stripped bare.
Lost wayfarer, homeward bound--
you've been walking.

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