Sunday, March 25, 2007

Haunted Highway

Don't ask me for my destination,
I took my directions from the back of a van
headng east on the Banfield. The sticker said:
Don't look behind you. Now I'm riding
this haunted highway I call home.

The rivers are jade, undrinkable water
bird-shadows hover awaiting the slaughter
of metal on metal when mindless machinery
falls upon men. Scorching the greenery,
hot smoke is rising along the road's shoulder
last vegetation reduced to a smoulder.

Don't read me any signs for off ramps,
there's no exit from Hell, according
to old Sartre. But there are no other people--
just me and the endless white stripes of
this haunted highway I call home.

The billboards are swirling with angry designs
struck out by the shadows of high-tension lines
strung pylon to pylon. Lane markers flash
like lights on an ambulance parked by a crash
in sleepless visions. Dragging my load
I'm riding and gliding down Exile Road.

Don't wait for me at the crossroads. My soul
is not for sale or trade-- I won't choose
the left or right-hand path, or even
Elfland Road. I keep moving on
this haunted highway I call home.

I've no time to stop and no place to go
the hellhound beside me is moving too slow.
I won't wait, you hell-dog, get back to your place
go find you a slow car, one you can chase--
I'll outdrive damnation, forever I'll roam
I'll find Heaven's highway and call it my home.


tumblewords said...

Full of great visions, wonderful words in fantastic phrases. This deserves a large number of re-reads..almost like a song.

Rethabile said...

Lovely read, as usual. BTW, I think read something of yours on Sokari's Black Looks, didn't I?


Rob Kistner said...

Hauntingly engaging! Nice read...

Linda said...

What wonderful use of rhyme! It is not intrusive and doesn't lead the ideas where they don't want to go. It's like song lyrics! I love "the rivers are jade" among other lines.

aka Danny Wise said...

Moves along at a fast motoring pace.
Hope you find Heavens Highway - we have a road in Manchester called the A666 which leads to the dark satanic mills of Bolton.