Sunday, April 15, 2007

Taxpayer Blues

I'd love to buy a meal for a hungry child
I'd like to buy a poor man some new shoes.
I don't mind paying for the fire department
That's not what's giving me the old taxpayer blues.

I'm not complaining 'bout my pockets, friend
If you don't get my meaning, here's a clue:
I'm not proud of how my money's spent these days
Can't hold up my head for those mean taxpayer blues.

I'd pay for schools, roads or hospitals
How can it be I never get to choose?
All that money goes to pay for war machines
Killing people gives me the old taxpayer blues.

Uncle Sam, you know I'm not a deadbeat
You know I'll go ahead and pay my April dues.
You know I wish you'd hear these words I'm saying
Turn it around and bring us some good news
So I don't have to have the mean old taxpayer blues.

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