Monday, June 04, 2007

The Sticky-Digit Deal

Four alchemists have gathered in a cave beneath a stone
Four men of solemn bearing and of purposes unknown
Three of them sit down in chairs and one hops on a log
a streetfighter, an IT guy, a dervish and a frog.

Three things keep an eye on when they visit your backyard
a hurricane, a firestorm, and four guys playing cards.

The skinny Cajun takes the lead by pulling out an ace
The curry chef throws down his cards, a scowl upon his face
The guru strokes his silver beard and smiles into his hand
and no-one knows what cards are held by the amphibian.

Three things never trust in, an unmarked country road
a prophesying raven and a double-dealing toad.

"I've never seen such lousy cards!" The knifemaker was vexed,
The Indonesian white guy scratched his bald spot, all perplexed.
The old philosopher exclaimed: "It's very plain to see,
we're suffering the consequence of bufine perfidy!"

Three things are the fastest of all things beneath the sun
the wind that blows, the hawk that strikes, the anuran on the run.

Four alchemists have scattered to the corners of the land
Five aces on the table are what's left of that last hand
Base treachery has had its day and now it stands revealed
for everyone has heard about the sticky-digit deal.

Three things to remember if you're planning to survive
don't breathe in fire, don't walk on ice, don't cheat three guys with knives.

Thanks to Leslie Fish and Duane Elms. You can find the music here.

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