Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Weekly exercises...

For the entertainment of my readers who relish a challenge and have plenty of free time to pursue it, I'm assembling a list of blogs/websites that offer weekly participant exercises. You can see it in the sidebar.

Note: these are similar to blog carnivals, but instead of roaming, they're always in the same place. That's why you won't find the Ringing of the Bards here.

I've included a couple in which I don't (currently) participate: One Deep Breath Haiku, Wordless Wednesday and Fiction Friday. I have plenty on my plate right now.

I suspect there are more of these out there. If you happen to run across one, send me the link.

UPDATE: Sadly (and ironically), I find that Poetry Thursday (in which I've been participating longer than any of the others) is going away at the end of August. However, one of the PT regulars has volunteered to keep it going. Watch for updates.

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