Monday, October 01, 2007

Frog Love Sonnet

In rain, an end to summer’s fire
has come. The ferns lift up their heads
as autumn’s oranges and reds
bear witness to unquenched desire.
Life goes on, burning; trees respire
while sleeping in their winter beds
and slowly freezing watersheds
still echo with the Rana choir.
Though you prefer the sunny spring,
appreciate what autumns bring:
the blaze of passion banked, not quenched
the lusty heart undrowned though drenched
a ghost of fire across your eye
a scarlet leaf against the sky.


Jamie said...

That is a truly wonderful sonnet. The whole spirit of the season as the croaking of the frogs fade in the face of winter. Thank you.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Well done for MM. I like it very much. Have a great MM. :)

Dan Gambiera said...


Sherry said...

That was truly beautiful. I love the imagry.