Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ghost Ball

3 Word Wednesday: Parallel. Bounce. Mysterious.

parallel brick walls
echo mysterious sound
unseen balls bouncing

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tumblewords said...

This reminds me of a Nintendo game - Breakout - Nice!

pjd said...

So that's the noise in my bathroom. I thought it was pipes knocking about.

Jo Anne O. said...

somehow the thought of spirit balls bouncing around was brought to mind amid the ruins of an old building where only the hallway walls remained. Good job!

Jujee said...

Nice imagery. I would hate to believe in ghosts or be paranoid.

TC said...

I picture a mom or dad trying frantically to find that bouncy ball... I've been there with my nephew a few times :)

One More Believer said...

echo mysterious sound... beautiful

amarettogirl said...

This reminds me of growing up in the inner city! great post.

Laane said...

That brought me back to my youth, where a path between houses was perfect to play...unless the people in the houses were at home, getting furious from the noise of the bouncing balls.

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