Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Chemlawn Guy

He left a note—the bounder—on my door
that said my yard had some “pernicious weeds”:
like dandelions, violets. The cure?
A dose of herbicide is what you need!
As if I’d make my flowers suffer toxic
rain from Chemlawn’s WMDs
like mushroom clouds in nuclear-terroristic
scenes from zeitgeist films. I tell you, he’s
a cut-stem villain with a poison potion,
a psychopath, a cereal-killing fiend!
His murderous sap-stained hands cannot be cleaned.
They'd even, if he washed them in the ocean
the multitudinous seas incarnadine
making the green one
... uh... er... green.

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Dale said...


Lirone said...


I particularly love the "cut-stem villain with a poison potion" - but this all works brilliantly and full of humour.

Linda said...

I like the light touch here. It made me chuckle!

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Yeah, this was fun but seriously, I'd stick with the organic grass too!

texasblu said...

Thanks for the giggle tonight! Great twist on a usually serious subject matter. :D