Monday, June 23, 2008

Dervish Lion

A wind comes howling across the prairie
blowing dust in front of it like a wall.
Wind, dervish wind
what makes you so powerful?
"I have no power, I am nothing
nothing but the hot breath of the sun."

A mountain stands on the horizon
breeding clouds at its shoulders and holding up the sky.
Mountain, dervish mountain
what makes you so still?
"I have no strength, I am nothing
nothing but the stillness of the earth."

The waves rush in and fill the sands with salt
and they carry the dead wood far out to sea.
Tide, dervish tide
what makes you so restless?
"I have no motion, I am nothing
nothing but the cold dance of the moon."

A lion paces the sand with ozone crackling in his mane
and streaks of blood on his hollow flanks.
Lion, dervish lion
what makes you so hungry?
He springs and knocks me to the ground!
The dervish lion roars:
nothing but the hunger of your heart for Allah!"

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Pam said...

Your spiritual poetry fills my soul with amazement. I do so enjoy starting my morning on your blog. Thank you.

irving said...

Really amazing and lovely, dear Sister :) Nothing but Love...

Ya Haqq!