Monday, June 09, 2008

when i watch You

through a broken mirror and a
forgotten face; through fading smoke
in the shape of hands; through
transparent gauze and painted canvas

from the deck of a pitching ship;
from orbit; from the depths of a
collapsed coal-mine; from
stillness; from revolving pain

with blind sight; with shivering
harmonics; with the rattle of the
subway and the taste of smoke;
with the smell of ozone and salt

i remember to forget myself
and it is You who watches

--for readwritepoem

Collection available! Knocking from Inside


Nathan said...

You do a wonderful job of building this dizzying pace of sense imagery. Then you offer the great turn in the last two lines when this forgetting of self coincides with a moment of clarity and stillness in all the movement. This was a pleasure to read.

one more believer said...

i cannot help but to admire the reflected words in the broken mirror

Jo said...

Wonderful, Tiel, how you've conjured the divine.

twitches said...

Love your use of language, especially all the internal rhymes and alliteration...

mariacristina said...

Your poem deserves a place among the mystics. so many images of life, of Spirit.

Pam said...

I so enjoy your mystical poetry. This one is reminiscient of Paul's letter to the Corinthians, "now we see through a mirror darkly, then we will see face to face."

Your choices of viewpoints were uniquely woven; this is truly enjoyable.