Friday, August 01, 2008


Atlas is often thought of as holding up the world on his shoulders; according to the original myth, though, it's the sky. You wouldn't think it would be so heavy.

Standing by the strait Gibraltar
staring at the boundless sea,
mocked by wave and unchained zephyrs,
let this burden pass from me.

Not the earth, but boundless Heaven
bows my shoulders, bends my knee.
Heavier than solid matter,
let this burden pass from me.

How long do I have to stand here
sky-supporting, like a tree
aged, immortal, tired but endless?
Let this burden pass from me.

Sentenced as a Titan rebel,
till a hero set me free.
Hercules raised up two pillars,
and let this burden pass from me.

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Tanya Gwen Minnick said...

this is a beautiful post, very well writen! very impressive

keithsramblings said...

A lovely poem. You have created a wonderful image.

Stan Ski said...

Sometimes, when we need a helping hand, we realise just how well we can cope - but the relief when help arrives!

Granny Smith said...

This post is, as usual for your posts, a fine, atmospheric poem. Mythology is a rich vein for you to mine.

danni said...

clever post artfully and beautifully written!!!

tumblewords said...

I agree with Granny Smith - mythology is surely captured by your style! Nice!

Marja said...

wow what a beautiful poem I never look at Atlas in the same way again

ratanaong said...

Definitely a poem worth supporting "Atlas". Very descriptive. Great job!

Medhini said...

It made a wonderful read! It sounded very refreshing!

one more believer said...

heaven would be so heavy... now thaz something to ponder... thank you for furnishing the link...