Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One Way Out

There's only one way out, they'd have you know.
If you agree—well then, that makes it so
and you'll be stuck, without a second chance.
No change of partners in a cold romance,
the tide can ebb, but it must never flow.

Is that how we should be? Content to go
through narrow streets where hanging arrows show
a single path on which, when we advance,
there's only one way out?

If there's a to, there must at least be fro
from one and zero, many numbers grow
to fill the plane in limitless expanse.
With every drunkard's step, we fill the dance
with random motion. Left, right, fast or slow:
there's only one way. Out.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this poem. I particularly liked the part 'with every drunkward's step, we fill the dance with random motion'

Anonymous said...

Aside from this poem. I'm fairly new to the internet poetry scene. I like your stuff and would like to hear your thoughts.

tumblewords said...

It is the one-way. Nice work...

one more believer said...

our choice in music is everything..i agree.. another beauty tiel...