Friday, August 01, 2008

Tunnel of Bones

Painting by Rick Mobbs and his son Broadus.

The tunnel of bones
began with a fish.
The tunnel of bones
was covered with skin
and the fish swam through it.
The fish poked its fins through
the sides of the tunnel
and crawled onto land
dragging the tunnel with it.
Horse and bird are words
spoken in the language of bones.
Feathers and a spiral hippocampus tail—
chimeric creatures of legend
whose eyes stare from sockets
in the language of bones.

Collection available! Knocking from Inside


ozymandiaz said...

like very much your take on it
the language of bones

Damyanti said...

This illustrates so well how the same picture affects different people differently.

This approach is so different from mine, but also so beautiful.

one more believer said...

thr are so many meaningful lines... dragging the tunnel... language of bones... it is a wonderful interpretation...

christine said...

Interesting, you and I seem to have seen the same elements in Ricks painting, namely the bones, the fish, the primal aspects.

Andra said...

You write very well.