Friday, September 12, 2008

White Coffee Blues

Well I don't know, life just seems so bland
Sweet and untroubled and just like I planned
Don't get no shocks with my morning news
I just get the white coffee blues.

I've got enough money, I'm happy in marriage
Got 1.8 kids and a low fixed-rate mortgage
If I'd picked my life, this is just what I'd choose
The life with the white coffee blues.

Black coffee drinkers are artsy and dour
They bubble with angst and they steam with dolour
They struggle with "meaning", ignore all the clues
I'd rather have white coffee blues.

Well, sometimes it's boring, I have to admit
I think of my job and I just wanna quit
Buy me a guitar and change up my brew
Say goodbye to the white coffee blues!

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Anonymous said...

I hear ya, sister.

By the way, have you noticed that a German cat has translated two (2) of your sonnets into his native tongue at Sonnet Central? He is picking around and translating about three a week. He no doubt finds mine untranslatable~,:^)

Stop by. Hope all's well.


Steve said...

You need a double strength latte........I'll buy!

Preethi said...

I love white coffee... a double shot latte like Steve says is teh best to jump start my day.. lovely poem


Granny Smith said...

I'll have a latte made with nonfat milk. That takes the guilt out of it.

Lela B. said...

I'm Liken' it. Whole new directon. And I like mine white like dessert!
Sometimes all the trimmings.

Linda Jacobs said...

I like your voice in this poem!

Rinkly Rimes said...

I think you should write a Blues song with these lyrics. Or maybe that should be Blue Coffee?

B. Roan said...

Great poem. I love the way it flows.

susan said...

I'm often not sure how I feel about blues. Still, interesting write.

tumblewords said...

I like these blues! Great flow and rhythm...

Patois said...

Oh, this doesn't sound anything like you at all, which makes it all the more fascinating. Love the beat. Love the black coffee I drink.

susan said...

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TD said...

Excellent. Loved the flow. Could imagine a bass in the background. Good poem!