Thursday, October 30, 2008

Only a Few Days Left

Election news is more than I can handle,
staying up and watching talking heads
dissect the latest politician's scandal—
election news. It's more than I can handle.
I may turn into some anarchic vandal,
smashing TV screens. I've come to dread
election news. It's more than I can handle,
staying up late, watching talking heads.

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B. Roan said...

I'm a little tired of all the rehashing myself. I'll be happy when Wednesday gets here. BJ

sister AE said...

The repeats of this form are a great echo of those darn TV ads. And I like the hyperbole in here too - that is also fitting of the subject!

Lisa said...

I think that though this has been one of the best elections, it has also been one of the most trying. I think we are all looking forward to Wednesday.

Stan Ski said...

Always a tiresome process for everyone involved.

Cricket said...

I agree, I will be glad when Tuesday has past. It is sad to say but I really don't care who is elected. I am very disappointed in both candidates and both parties.

Linda Jacobs said...


Well crafted as usual!

Patois said...

The scandal for me? I've avoided watching it at all costs.

Wonderful poem.