Monday, March 23, 2009

Thunderbird Poem

My falcon hunches, hooded, on my wrist
and digs her talons, sharp as razors, in
to leather-guarded forearm, trembling fist.
She craves the air. I hold her penned within
the compass of my will. I'll let her fly
when time is right, for some raptorial lover
who will read her writing on the sky
and hear the predatory music of her.

I'll loose my falcon soaring from the page,
a live thing made of paper, ink and words.
I'll loose this poem from her printed cage
to join the company of thunderbirds
above the clouds, behind the lightning strike:
electric storm behind an open mike.

Image by Pensiero via Read Write Poem.

Collection available! Knocking from Inside


Gordon Mason said...

"Craves the air", "compass of my will" and "read her writing on the sky" all great images.

sam said...

I love the images and emotions expressed here, not to mention the poem/falcon metaphor. Lovely piece!

Jamie said...

Excellent conjoining of two separate theme with both bird and poem flying free.