Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In the Groove

The wheels are spinning madly out of groove,
the horses thrash the chariot through the sky,
their tangled traces need to be cut loose.

Poor Phaeton, he wanted just to move,
to drive his daddy's big-wheel, make it fly
but couldn't keep his rhythm in the groove.

Hell of a way to go, but really, who's
in charge of their own end? Live fast and die
when Titan-hammered thunderbolts cut loose.

Falling rock star, kid with lots to prove,
he jumped the track too soon. To improvise
you have to learn the edges of the groove.

So play it straight a while, pay your dues
and keep in mind that "mastery" implies
you got it right before you cut it loose.

No, I won't listen to those boredom blues,
those "free expression", "do your own thing" lies.
I'll walk the straight and narrow, in the groove
before I try to play it fast and loose.

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Michelle Johnson said...

Sometimes I like to live outside the norm, see what's out there- explore. Usually though I'm following the straight and narrow. Hope all is well.

Nara Malone said...

This really spoke to me. It is so tempting to rush forward too fast, before you're ready.