Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Old Toy Chest

We had us an old wooden chest
with a lock that had long lost its key.
The toys that we had were the best
that any kid's playthings could be.

Marbles and Lego blocks
A horsie on springs
Old keys with no locks
and puppets on strings.

The toys that delighted a kid
are worn out or broken or chipped.
The names that were carved in the lid
have faded to shadows of script.

A train with caboose
on a grey plastic track
A brown velvet moose
with a corduroy rack.

The chest we have given away
to younger kids making a start
in teaching themselves how to play--
but I kept the key in my heart.

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Shari said...

That's gorgeous! I really had a flashback to childhood innocence, but also a reminder of how valuable those early years are.

Dee Martin said...

We all have that key in our hearts even if the toys are gone - beautiful how you captured that.

Michelle Johnson said...

How one is drawn back to their childhood with this poem. You've also reminded me of how much I loved my horse on springs. I rode that horse many miles till he wore out or I grew to old. Thanks for the reminder. Have a great night.