Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Closer to True

I was restless in grieving the last of the leaves with their banners of scarlet and gold
All faded to brown in the gutters and drowning, awaiting the silence and cold.
Walked out in a dawn that was roofed with an awning of clouds that were stained by the sun
And bare branches raised up to worship the shades that recalled all the leaves that were gone.

We wrestle for clearer sight, souls to be mirror-bright, skies that are sunny and blue
But heavy clouds hover and sometimes uncover a color that's closer to true.
While leaves that are turning remember the burning of summer in autumnal hue
And limbs that stand stark against gathering darkness point always and only to You.

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1 comment:

Wendy Babiak said...

This is lovely! I've been feeling the same thing; to see my own feelings, expressed so beautifully, was a real pleasure. Thank you.