Saturday, January 23, 2010

More numbers

Reorganizing my files, I find I've had more than 80 journal publications. Mostly poems: three prose pieces. Three poems have been featured on radio programs or podcasts; that's other than the ones I read on KBOO's Talking Earth back in September.

This includes pieces that were published in online journals that no longer exist and pieces that appeared at "volunteer" sites like 350 Words and the Human Genre Project. Still, it's not bad considering I've only been working at getting published since the fall of 2005-- just over four years ago.

Total $$: a fifty-dollar B&N gift certificate from Sol Magazine, a fifty-dollar check from the Alabama State Poetry Society, and a one-dollar payment from an online journal for a short story. Hey, that's averaging slightly over $1 per pub! At that rate, I can quit my day job if I can publish... ummm... a couple thousand poems every month?

Collection available! Knocking from Inside

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Rethabile said...

Keep the day job, please, and the night job of writing poems. You need the former, and we need the latter.