Friday, March 19, 2010


He saw her dimly silhouetted
against the window. Outside, skies
darkened over hedges netted
with the flicker-dance of fireflies.

Love lost its hold. He could not meet
the question lurking in her eyes.
Brilliant tears could not compete
with the flicker-dance of fireflies.

Insect terrorists with tiny
bioluminescent bombs, spies
blinking some encrypted sign, he
thought the flicker-dance of fireflies.

Quick! The Flit! No hesitation—
take these evil bugs by surprise!
Hell-bent on extermination
of the flicker-dance of fireflies

he rushed outside. A summer night,
transformed to beetle Hell. Her cries,
unheeded in his deadly fight
with the flicker-dance of fireflies.

There may be hope. He can be cured,
with proper care. The doctor's wise
to his delusions. They've ensured
that the flicker-dance of fireflies

is banished from the well-groomed lawn
around the rest home. Still, he lies
awake and staring until dawn,
dreads the flicker-dance of fireflies.

Using the form definition from Poetic Asides, which differs from other kyrielle definitions I've seen in specifying a number of syllables per line (8), rather than a meter. It came out close enough to iambic tet-- yet not quite iambic tet-- to make my skin itch. I will probably rewrite this at some point to either make it truly metric, or not metric at all.

Please note that fireflies are correctly beetles, not bugs or flies.
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