Friday, March 12, 2010

A Victorian Elopement

As escapes went, it was nonpareil.
Not content with furtive fumbles
behind the ferns in the conservatory
they fled the grounds altogether:
hand in hand, mirror-studded
costumes flashing in the mist.
Turquoise and magenta curtains
rattled at the motor-coach's window—
"Strumpet! Strumpet, I say!"
The chaperone threw down his cup in fury
all too late.

words courtesy of Read Write Poem
Collection available! Knocking from Inside


Derrick said...

One can sense the excitement and daring in this scene!

Jim McNeely said...

scandalous! nicely done!

Anonymous said...

Jim beat me to the adjective I wanted to choose for this one. ^_^ Love it!

Rob said...

The escape to the rest of their lives..
Image & Verse

Anonymous said...

Nice job! And those last three lines, really excellent. That last image in particular does as they say, show not tell, and it certainly does!

Anonymous said...

short and sweet.
I think it's the repetition of "strumpet" that does it for me.

Anonymous said...