Friday, April 15, 2011

Heartbreak Radio (Love Song for Todd and Pandora)

Nothing but heartbreak on the radio this morning
Sister Eleanor was walking at Fate's right hand
No use to say "woman no cry," Mr. Marley
with the bad days in Ohio coming round again.

Are you there? Nothing but hail and rain today,
the operator couldn't find your number anyway.
Are you there? It should be warmer this time of the season
but half-melted ice keeps running down my dreams.

If I had a guitar it wouldn't weep so gently,
for what it's worth, the numbers say we're not doing well.
So I'll bend my back like a beast of burden
but even under pressure I will not back down.

Are you there? The people are strange and gray
and the rising sun wouldn't hear what I have to say.
Are you there? Together we can hold up the world,
be my pride and joy, I'll be your brown-eyed girl.

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