Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Looking Glass Books, R.I.P.

If you've been paying attention to local book news, you know that Looking Glass Books in Sellwood closed earlier this year, and Broadway Books is struggling. Even in Portland, one of the most literate cities in the country by most measures.

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I lost a bookstore. Carelessness. I swear
I turned my back for just a moment. What
could happen? When I looked it wasn't there.

A sanctuary full of quiet air
that smelled of… books. That kiss of fragrant dust
I've lost through bookstore carelessness. I swear

I'll never take for granted, anywhere
the privilege of shelves to browse. A cut
could happen fast, when I'm not looking there.

A glass could fall and shatter past repair
and books just leave. The innocence of trust
is lost. My bookstore carelessness, I swear

is history: a page that I can tear
and throw away, a falling flake of rust.
It happens that I'm searching here and there

like Carroll's crew, with thimbles, forks and care.
Perhaps I can't prevent a closure, but
I won't lose bookstores carelessly, I swear.
It happens, still-- but I'll be watching there.

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briarcat said...

Sorry for your loss. I understand that guilt, too.
Down here in Nashville it's a couple of chain stores and a scattering of indy used books