Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Norwegian Brothers

Deep in the darkest Arctic reaches
where icy windrows clog the beaches
lived a band of merry Nordic thieves
--Olaf, Knut, Sigurd, and Lief.
These were their names. There were no others
among this band of Norwegian brothers.
They fled from justice to far fjords,
their cargo, canned soup and Viking swords.
They hoisted up over slopes of scree
and rappelled down to a frozen sea!
The law was distant. Escape seemed near.
The brothers hoped for life without fear
on a distant strand where sunlight ebbed
like retreating tides. But the prints of webbed
toes dug into the soggy sands
revealed the presence of other bands:
frogmen-robbers under the midnight sun!
A battle was lost, a treasure won.
The mysterious fate remains unheard
--of Olaf, Knut, Lief, and Sigurd.

Another word salad poem. Something about these characters intrigues me...

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Dan Gambiera said...

Webbed toes

Good to see you're keeping the frog suit in mind