Thursday, September 22, 2011

Red Light Blues

I was standing on the corner, heard a radio play the blues
Standing on a corner, car radio played the blues
I got holes in my pockets, got no socks inside my shoes.

I heard the radio play, the music was sad and sweet
Heard the radio play, I was sad but it sounded sweet
Forgot my empty pockets, forgot about my aching feet.

The driver he looked at me, I thought I saw him smile
Yes, the driver looked at me and I swear I saw him smile
"Well, the music is free, go on and listen for a while."

The stoplight it turned green and the driver pulled away
Yes, the light it turned to green and the blues man drove away
And I thought my heart would break 'cause the music would not stay.

Walking away in the dark with my shoes flapping on my feet
Walking away in the dark and I curse my blistered feet
Starving to death in the city, ain't no music on the street.

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