Monday, July 09, 2012

Waterfront Blues

Cross the bridge, come down the stair,
leave your trouble and leave your care.

You can stand or sit, you can swing or sway
but you can't keep still when the blues men play.

Dance all day in the burning sun
'cause you can't stand still when the blues men drum.

Dance all day and then sleep all night,
when the blues harps blow it'll be all right.

Got no use for a band that's quiet,
gimme a band that'll start a riot.

You can hear the boats, you can hear the cars
you can hear the ringing of the slide guitars.

You can hear the train running on the rails
you can hear the blues coming down like hail.

Skyscraper shadow cover the park
Old Man Blues walking in the dark.

Sun go down now, hello moon
Old Man Blues gonna be here soon.

Sky was blue and it turn to red
I need me a loaf of the good blues bread.

Sun go down and the wind blow cold
Blues men make those good times roll.

Devil music, sweet as sin
flow like smoke on the river wind.

A blues man stands so close to death
but he breathe out music with his last breath.

Evening wind turning over a page,
last band playing at the Crossroads Stage.

Yeah. That's how it was...

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