Friday, February 08, 2008

In Lieu of Sacrifice

I circle round this thought
afraid to touch or get too close.
Like a bubble swirling in the drain
a sun in orbit round a black hole,
fearing the tides that tear at me
the pull of gravity that threatens
to swallow me whole.

Seven times round the Kaaba
without touching it. At last,
drawn to the center, we kneel
and kiss the stone.

Give up. Give in. Give something up—
once on this altar a boy was bound
and then a ram. And now, every day
my self

surrendered in lieu of sacrifice.

--readwritepoem: sacrifice


chicklegirl said...

This was breathtaking. I loved the reference to Abraham and Isaac, and above all the line "Give up. Give in. Give something up-"

Very powerful.

anthonynorth said...

A powerful insight into devotion.

paisley said...

very powerful.. i feel there is a note of sadness that accompanies this surrender...

Linda Jacobs said...

Wonderful words that paint stark images.

Rethabile said...

Very nice, my poetic friend.

...deb said...

Yes, beautiful.

Dick said...

A neat link back from contemporary concerns to archetypal sacrificial images.