Monday, April 06, 2009

Snow and Cobwebs

The cobweb at my kitchen window must
be out of season-- heavy now with snow,
its radials stretching, catenary-curved.
The spider moved on, many months ago
and left the silk accumulating dust,
its fly-trap role no longer to be served.
And in my closet, there's an antique dress
of silver silk all hung with crystal beads
and fluffy lace, a gleaming fantasy
now gathering dust. Its time is past, no less
than that of this poor cobweb. No-one needs
a dress like this in modern company
'cause fashions change: and no-one can remember
seeing spiders spinning in December.

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Linda Jacobs said...

Wonderful comparison!

And, you know how much I admire your adeptness in writing rhyme that works so well! makes me want to start sonnetting!

gel said...

HI- here from poetry train
Wonderful poem, tightly written and I'm "caught in your web" of comparing the antique dress and the web. Magical.