Sunday, October 28, 2012

Extreme Walking

As a Portlander, if you're committed to doing something outdoors, you have to face the fact you're going to be doing it in the rain. Running, walking, golf, gardening; it doesn't matter.

Yesterday I walked from 82d & Fremont up to Joseph Wood Hill Park, then down to Madison High School and home from there. About 8 miles. In the rain.

Once you're wet through, you don't get any wetter. But you do get colder.

Portland spreads out, autumn colors faded
by heavy rain, as if seen through glass
from up on Rocky Butte. I've gone to lengths
extreme even for me, a walker jaded
by summer streets and trails. To test my strength
I walked from 82d past the Bible
college, up the winding road as fast
as I could go. No eye marked my arrival
at Woodhill Park, the summit, rarely without
a wedding party, dogs or picnics, et
cetera. Have I mentioned, it is pouring
rain? I risk a chill, dropping my core
temp dangerously low. What I'm about:
enjoying this view alone, though cold and wet.

Available! High-Voltage Lines, Knocking from Inside

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