Tuesday, April 09, 2013

It Would Be Lilacs

of course it would--
roses are cliche, violets too self-effacing,
tulips overblown and gaudy. Say I'm hard to please,
but I'm up front about what I like. Hyacinths are suicidal,
who'd want those? Hydrangeas are vulgar.
Ceanothus-- nice, but wild, they can
overrun a yard in two years. I don't trust lavender,
it makes bees act stoned. Irises and azaleas
come in too many colors, I hate making choices.
Don't get me started on those tropical exotics,
birds-of-paradise and what not-- keep it close to home, I say.
Crocuses don't last long enough. Daffodils are garish.
I don't like pansies because the little faces
scare me. Zinnias smell weird. Impatiens is just an excuse
to cover up the soggy spots where nothing but moss
will grow.

So. If I wanted flowers in my yard,
it would be lilacs.

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