Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Heck, why not

I blame Todd. We all make up parody song lyrics. I've posted a few before.

But at his behest... a certain theme develops...

To the tune of "I'm in Love with an Octopus," from Fanny:

I’m in love with an occultist, a scheming dreaming occultist
How I moan on his couch of bone with the octagon tiles all round me
An impossible shape in a yellow cape, he strides across the sky
He watches the night-gaunts fly
With his single burning eye
And he’s mine, all mine, every identical pentacle mine. IƤ!

I’m in love with an occultist, a ranting chanting occultist
All I ask is his pallid mask and the octagon tiles all round me
Diamond strong, all angled wrong
The octagon tiles all round me!

To the tune of "American Pie," possibly one of the most parodied songs in the history of English:

I met a black man with a horn
I asked him why the sky was torn
But he just smiled and played a tune.
I went down to the ocean’s shore
And there I saw the finny horde
Dancing underneath the shattered moon
And in the streets, alarm bells rang
The sirens screamed, the cultists sang
Cities fell and burned
The Old Ones had returned
Yes, the three gods I admire the most
Cthulhu, Shub and Yog-Sothoth
Were scooping up souls on points of toast
The day the stars were right.

Bye bye, dread R'lyeh goodbye
That is not dead which eternal can lie
And with strange aeons even death has now died
Today, the stars are finally right!

Available! High-Voltage Lines, Knocking from Inside

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