Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Maman in the Snow

She must top 30 feet; snow-covered head
inclines as if to peer at human prey
among her feet. In friendliness or dread,
the passers-by look up, then stroll away
believing their umbrellas keep them safe
from Maman’s fangs of bronze, her steel legs,
evoking equal parts menace and grace.
Don’t think her cherished sac of marble eggs
makes her a presence staid and matronly
safe to walk under, maybe even touch
at tapered ankle, bronzed and curving knee.
A friendly landmark… maybe not so much.
Maman’s not used to snow. Fresh-fallen flakes
at dawn reveal a midnight hunter’s tracks.

Available! High-Voltage Lines, Knocking from Inside

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Rachel the Teacher-Gunner

Rachel was a teacher who knew how to use a gun
With a concealed-carry permit and a lesson plan she’d done
She walked into her building one dark and stormy day
And she heard the gunshots echo from the concrete cold and gray.

Her students huddled silent in their classroom, under desks
They were making vid recordings, they were sending final texts
“Ms. Rachel went to stop him,” one child’s message read
“I hope to God she kills him, I hope that she’s not dead.”

Rachel, the teacher-gunner…

She stalked him through the hallways of the school she knew so well
With her finger on the trigger, listening for the bell
Kill or die were all the choices before her in that place
It was as she squeezed the trigger that she recognized his face.

Time, time, time
For another life to pass
Time stands still for Rachel
When she kills to save her class

They can still see her stand above the body of her son
In the muzzle-flash of Rachel’s carry-gun.

Murderer and victim are the parts that we can play
Hero isn’t on the menu they’re serving up today
In the hallways and the classrooms where the guards are on deploy
And Rachel’s ghost is carrying the gun that killed her boy.

Rachel, the killer teacher-gunner…
Rachel, the killer teacher-gunner…

Available! High-Voltage Lines, Knocking from Inside

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Officials confirm worldwide shortage of # sign approaching critical levels

The United Nations Etymology, Punctuation, and Transcription office (UNEPT) recently confirmed that stocks of # signs are dangerously depleted worldwide. Factors leading to the decline include the widespread use of hash tags as well as other uses such as defining temporary tables in most dialects of SQL.

“We have tended to treat punctuation as though it were an unlimited resource, even though we’ve known for some time that that’s not true,” said UNEPT director Prin Tersdevil. He pointed to other examples such as the decline in semi-colons. “People think that usage has just gone out of style, but the reality is that semi-colon populations have failed to keep pace with consumption,” he said, spelling out the name of the punctuation mark to avoid using the endangered mark itself.

Internet communities reacted angrily to the announcement. “Who are they kidding? I can hit any key on my keyboard as many times as I want” tweeted user @keystuck. @keystuck did not add a hashtag.

Tersdevil indicated that his agency was carefully watching populations of other punctuation marks, such as @, for signs of decline. “@ is a particularly critical mark for today’s economy,” he said.

Available! High-Voltage Lines, Knocking from Inside