Sunday, July 31, 2005

Geylani's Lion

From the biography of Pir Hezreti Abdul Qadir al Geylani, 470-561 AH (1077-1166 AD), as published in the Murid Manual of the Qadiri-Rifai Tariqa:

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One day, the Sultan of that time invited Hz. Pir to dinner. There was a black magician at the same table. A big dish was placed in the middle of the table. The Sultan said, “Please help yourself.” When Hz. Pir took the food and was about to put it in his mouth, the black magician made the bite in his hand disappear. Abdul Qadir remained quiet and reached for another bite, but the magician did the same thing and that bite also disappeared. The Sultan was laughing very hard and inviting Hz. Pir to eat again, mockingly repeated, “Please help yourself.” Hz. Pir again reached for a bite of food. The black magician did something again and this time all the food on the table disappeared. There was a pillow with a lion’s picture on the couch. Hz. Geylani placed his hand on the couch and said “Huz Ya esed (Appear O lion)!” A huge lion leapt out, attacked the black magician, and carried him back into the pillow. The Sultan grew very amazed and frightened. He couldn’t speak because of his fear. The black magician had disappeared.

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A lion passes through a hall, amid pillars and carpets. He's on a mission.

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