Thursday, July 28, 2005

Satellite Radio

Entercom Portland recently bought up our oldies station, KISN at 97 FM, and converted it to a random mix of Top 40 songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. (They call this format "Charlie".) At the same time they fired all of KISN's employees, many of whom were well-known and much-loved local personalities. Consequently I have switched to Sirius satellite radio.

I don’t want your Top 40 remix crap.
You don’t give me traffic, weather, local news.
You fired the folks who live right here in town, my neighbors
That’s all right, I’m gone. I switched to digital to hear the blues.

Now what rhymes with Entercom? Bomb. Glom. Vom(it).
That seems to be the best that I can do.
So long, FM 97. I refuse to call you “Charlie”.
You ain’t a real person. You got no soul. You got no blues.

I’m riding with the Big Dog. Woof! We’re on a roll.
Sirius 29 will always see me through.
Oh yeah, there’s jazz and news and comedy for those who want it
But I got it mainly so I’d listen to the blues.

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