Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Out of Time

Garish neon hides the moon
Sick flourescence haunts my skin.
When's the last time I saw noon?

Surely dawn is coming soon,
There's no day, but night grows thin.
Garish neon hides the moon.

Clocks won't chime, they're out of tune.
Can't recall how long it's been
Since the last time I saw noon.

I haven't seen the sky star-strewn
Or watched the eventide roll in
Since garish neon hid the moon.

I dreamt of sun on desert dunes,
Where lions showed me golden grins.
That was the last time I saw noon.

Throw wide the doors, give daylight room.
Break all the lights, let darkness in.
Fearless and free, I see the moon
Come dawn, come sun, come blazing noon!

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