Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tagged Again

I got this tag from Ruth.

Seven things I plan to do, insh'Allah:
make Hajj
publish a novel
travel the Silk Road
become a mother
write a verse epic
learn humility
become a guru in Serak

Seven things I can do, subhan'Allah:
write poetry that makes people cry (or laugh)
drive a 14-ft truck
get myself into trouble
play West African drums-- djembe, tolerably: dununs, not so well
teach women how to maul an attacker and leave him helpless
change a flat tire (on my car, not on the 14-ft truck)
grow my own food and slaughter it if I have to

Seven things I can't do:
bake. It never turns out right. I have no idea why
be the life of the party
break my book addiction
stop being a smart-aleck
eat large quantities of chocolate
count to seven

Seven things I say most often:
Good grief!
%$(#*%# rain! (I use the funny characters because it's Ramadan and I'm trying not to swear)
Research and Evaluation, this is Tiel.
Do your djurus!
I need to do more djurus.
TGTF (Thank God Tomorrow's Friday, mumbled Thursday evening after getting home from all kinds of after-work activities...)

Seven people I want to pass this tag to:

oops, that's only six. Well, the last time I was tagged, I could only think of two people to pass it to... and actually, several of the people I'd normally think of already have been tagged on this round.

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