Friday, December 23, 2005

The Man In The Dancing Shoes

Todd and I spent Thanksgiving evening in a blues bar in Seattle some years ago. The band was good, but what we remember most about the night was the older guy who came in to dance.

I saw my lady dancing with the man
I knew she was doing me wrong.
My buddy said: "Man, you can't quit now
You got to finish the song, play on
You got to finish the song."

Oh, he had the charm and he had the moves
Cut his feet like a pro, you can bet.
And my girl got up and got down with him
And they danced every number in the set, mmm-hmmm
They danced every number in the set.

Well, I broke my heart on my guitar strings
He moved like an angel, sweet and light
You know I had to play on while he swung her around
And she held on to his hand all night, oh yeah,
She held on to his hand all night.

They walked out the door and she never looked back
Left me here all alone with the blues.
She's gone and I know she ain't comin back
With the man in the dancing shoes, that man
The man in the dancing shoes.

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