Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sculptures By Nano Lopez

Pictures don't really do his work justice. But you can view some more examples at Fox International and at Valley Bronze.

Eric the Travelling Goat

Gato Grande

Matilda on Her Way to the Market

These creatures cast in bronze, of cogs and gears,
These animals-- these sinewy machines
with polished oustretched paws, cocked questing ears
Like parrots, vivid yellows, blues and greens.

They are some of the strangest things I've seen
How metal captures flesh and metal too,
Evokes spirits, mischievous or serene
in loving lines the master artist drew.

You'd think them odd, bizarre, perhaps uncouth
Some grotesque blend of animal and man-made?
It's easy to assume, but not the truth.
They're dignified and playful, graceful, undismayed.

Natural or mechanic? False division
Made seamless one in Nano's loving vision.

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