Friday, January 13, 2006

God Train

God Train rolling in the tunnel
Nowhere run, nowhere hide.
Burning headlamp eye consume you
Take you 'long for the ride.

You hear that distant whistle, make you cry
You don't know why.
It's God Train's voice, make you want to die.

They call you crazy, holy.
God Train make you dance in the street
Sun burn you head and in the dust
Bloody rose grows at you feet.

You hear that distant whistle, make you run
Into the sun.
It's God Train's voice, call you come.

God Train got no track
God Train mind no signal
God Train sell no ticket
Sweet God Train! Call me come.


tumblewords said...

It seems to me that you have many voices and always find the right one for the work you write! This rings gospel, the words, rhythm and rhyme are so in synch.

Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely sounds like lyrics. Did you have a particular tune in mind when you wrote this?

Stan Ski said...

If I could sing, I'd be singing this to myself all night. Unfortunately I don't even whistle - not even in the shower! I'm with tumblewords and steerforth - I'd like to hear it sung.

anthonynorth said...

Yes, this can be sung.
Quite profound.

paisley said...

excellent choice of voices,, as i surely cannot picture you as a "holy roller".....

great piece

Dale said...