Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Oregon Coast: a love poem

Everyone loves you when it's hot and dry.
When sunshine pours down from a haze-white sky,
you kiss the crowd with scorching sand and cold salt spray.
The endless pleasure of an endless summer day.
Oh, everybody loved you in July!

Now the sands are drowned in icy rain.
All along the sad forsaken coast,
sand castles are tenanted by summer's ghosts,
wailing to the winter wind's refrain.
No trace of summer's happy throngs remains.

You knew when season turned, they'd scatter.
These summer folk, like gaudy windblown feathers,
could not withstand the windy winter weather.
You knew they'd leave you when the year turned bitter--
leave you, leave us alone together.

I'll leave you come July. Remember,
amid the crowds of summer folk and summer fun,
I'll come back when that season's done.
When rain comes drifting in to dim the sun,
I'll be back in November.

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