Friday, January 06, 2006

People Who Liked This Blog (2)

I just got Abdur-Rahman Slade Hopkinson's book Snowscape With Signature. (There are a couple of sample poems at that link.) I'm startled to find how much his poetry tells me about myself. All good poetry does that, of course, but Hopkinson had some of the same formative experiences I did.

TRIVIUM: he's the father of SF/fantasy author Nalo Hopkinson.

Marilyn Hacker is considered one of the leading lights of New Formalism, a mid-20th century movement to restore formal structure (rhyme and meter) to poetry. (I guess it's not so new any more.) You can read a couple of her poems here (scroll down) and here

TRIVIUM: she was married to SF/fantasy author Samuel Delany: his novel Babel-17 featured some poetry by her.

While I'm at it I should mention two poets featured in my sidebar. Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore and Jan Haag both have fairly substantial collections of poetry online, and also both have books in print (at least, formerly in print; I haven't tried to find out if any are still currently available).

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