Friday, January 27, 2006

Shadow Garden

Shadows moving on the garden wall
tell that time is passing, tell the sun
is moving far from summer, close to fall.

These solid forms that we are pleased to call
ourselves, until our hourglass is run
are shadows moving on a garden wall.

They say that time is all we're given, all
we have to work with. All I've done
is move farther from summer, close to fall.

Nor is it given us to lift the caul
that hides tomorrow, see spiderwebs unspun
their shadows moving on the garden wall.

Enough is given; enough time is all.
We've played and lost, we've played and loved and won,
and moved farther from summer, close to fall.

We have our tickets. Whatever else befalls,
we'll wait together for the train to come.
Shadows vanish from the garden wall,
the garden waits new summer and new fall.

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