Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thirty-three Tritinas (25 - 27)

25. Ar-Rahim, the Most Compassionate; Al-Mu'izz, the Bestower of Honors; Al-Basit, the Reliever, Expander

A certain juge was lacking in compassion.
He didn't care to offer sufferers relief,
though all the verdicts he gave were honorable.

When he suffered some accidental dishonor,
no-one showed him much compassion
and even honest folk were relieved.

In his own eyes, his shame was unrelieved.
He could not survive this injury to his honor--
even to himself, he offered no compassion.

A little compassion might have relieved the weight of his dishonor.

26. Al-Azim, the Magnificent One; Al-Matin, the Enduring One; Ad-Darr, the Creator of the Harmful

The night was brilliant, magnificent
with moonlight. We endured
the hard frost, the worst of winter's harm.

Frost would not bite, cold could not harm
in the presence of midnight magnificence.
Splendor feeds the soul and helps the body endure.

And after all-- speaking of endurance--
look to the ravaged moon, whose face has borne such harm
and yet faithfully reflects the sun's magnificence

the more magnificent, for having endured such harm.

27. Ar-Ra’uf, the Clement; Malik al Mulk, the Owner of All; Al-Malik, the Absolute Ruler

The weather of the soul is inclement
at this time; we apologize, and own
the inconvenience to be our fault, absolutely.

We try to give our visitors absolute
satisfaction. We appeal to you for clemency.
We strive to please-- can hardly call our souls our own.

Surely you've had such tempests in your own
hearts-- wrath, sorrow or absolute
despair-- no hope of clemency.

Be clement, for we own nothing absolutely.

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