Friday, February 17, 2006

Thirty-three Tritinas (8 - 11)

1/3 of the way there, alhamdulillah.

8. Al-Batin, the Inner; Al-Hakam, the Judge; As-Sabur, the Patient One

If you are travelling the ways of the Inner
Kingdom, you may meet a blaming judge.
Be careful of him, he's not what you'd call patient.

Petitioners wait humbly and patiently
all day, hoping to be admitted to the inner
chamber for an audience with this judge.

Who could have appointed such an unfair judge?
But you will outlast him if you're patient.
He may put you in jail, but true freedom is inner.

Your inner voice should not judge, but be patient.

9. Ar-Rashid, the Capable of Right Judgment; Al-Awwal, the Before; Al-Mumit, the Taker of Life

It's not our right to judge,
but there are times we have to act, before
taking counsel-- time wasted may cost someone's life.

It takes a lot to lead a good life
and calls on us to use our best judgement
and take into account everything that went before...

but events may overtake you before
you can take time to think about the meaning of life
and you have to act. Now! Jump! Snap judgement!

But judge rightly before you take a life.

10. Al-Mughni, the Enricher; Al-Mu’min, the Believer; Al-Barr, the Doer of Good

We'd all like to be a little richer.
Most of us don't believe
that'll come about through doing good.

But we still try to be good,
and sometimes find our lives enriched
unexpectedly and beyond belief...

and those who are strong in their belief
and dedicate themselves to God for good
such folk are incalculaby rich.

The richness of our belief makes all things good.

11. Al-Wakil, the Trustee; Al-Qadir, the All Powerful; Al-Fattah, the Opener

Was it only lack of trust
or dependence on my own power
that kept the door from opening?

I knocked and knocked; it would not open.
I knew no-one I could trust
enough to put myself in his power.

In the end it was not power
that convinced me, but an open
heart that won my trust.

Trust is powerful, and makes ways stand open.

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