Monday, March 13, 2006

Leyla and Mecnun

Kevin asked me to write some possible lyrics for a song about Leyla and Mecnun. If he ends up using them, this might end up on a CD sometime.

They met as little children, Leyla and Mecnun
Went to school together, Leyla and Mecnun
Mecnun fell in love, as crazy poets do
Walked to market singing: "Leyla, love me true!"
Crazy Mecnun on the corner, singing loud and true
"I don't care if people stare, Leyla, love me, do!"

Sing a song for Leyla and Mecnun
Two souls made for loving.

Gossip spread around them, Leyla and Mecnun
The whole town was talking, Leyla and Mecnun
Mecnun's dad asked Leyla's, could she be his wife?
Leyla's dad said never in all Mecnun's life!
"Your crazy poet son has made a mess of my girl's life
No matter how you scrape and bow, she'll not be Mecnun's wife!"

Shed a tear for Leyla and Mecnun
Two souls made for loving.

And so the lovers parted, Leyla and Mecnun
She was forced to marry, Leyla and Mecnun
Crazy Mecnun in the desert sang this song:
"Leyla, Leyla, love, we've been apart so long
Oh Leyla, I'll be true to thee, it matters not how long
While we're apart my broken heart will offer up this song.
Hey, hey, Leyla, hey
Leyla, Leyla, hey.
Night and day, Leyla hey
Day, day, Leyla hey.
Swing and sway, Leyla hey
Sway, sway, Leyla hey.
Gone, gone, gone away
Away now, Leyla hey."

They've both long passed away, Leyla and Mecnun
Together in the Garden, Leyla and Mecnun
In life these sad and star-crossed lovers knew no peace
Their love brought war and plunged their kin in helpless grief
And now they dwell beyond the hate, the jealousy and grief
And hand in hand upon the sand they dance a dance of peace.

Say a prayer for Leyla and Mecnun
Two souls made for loving.
Say a prayer for you and me
Two souls made for loving.

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